The Excalibur

2017-2018 Staff

Ryan Liptrot


Get to Know Ryan! Ryan Liptrot is a junior enrolled at Pinecrest Academy. She currently lives in North Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents are Criminal defense and corporate attorneys, travel journalists, and founders o...

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Andrew Flowers


Get to Know Andrew! Andrew is a junior at Pinecrest Academy. This is his first year doing the Excalibur, and he can not wait to start. When Andrew is not at school he is either working at Party City or sleeping at home. ...

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Maddie McCaffrey


Get to know Maddie! Maddie is a senior at Pinecrest and has attended the school since Pre-K 3! She was a competitive gymnast for ten years of her life and retired to pursue cheerleading. She is currently a captain of the Pinecr...

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Kelsey Bingham


Get to Know Kelsey! Kelsey is a senior at Pinecrest Academy. This is her second year as a part of The Excalibur team. She has a deep admiration for the guy on the ten dollar bill. When not writing for the paper, she's probab...

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Haley Triplett


Get to know Haley Triplett! Haley T is a junior at Pinecrest Academy, and this is her first year writing for The Excalibur. She loves playing soccer and hanging out with her friends and family. She enjoys going to the beach and...

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Caroline Murphy


Get to Know Caroline Murphy! Caroline is sixteen years old and a junior at Pinecrest Academy. She has been attending Pinecrest for four years and enjoys cheering for the Paladin football team. Outside of school, Caroline enjoys ha...

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Wendy Burkus


Get to Know Mrs. Burkus! Wendy Burkus is an English teacher at Pinecrest Academy, working mainly with 9th and 10th grade students, and the new faculty mentor of the Excalibur staff.  When she’s not teaching at Pinecrest, Wend...

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Gianna Satriano


Get to Know Gianna! Gianna is a senior at Pinecrest Academy and is on the Varsity Cheerleading Team. Gianna will also be managing the social media aspect of Journalism this year. She has a loving passion for journalism and a lot o...

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Noah Sell


Get to Know Noah! Noah Sell is a junior at Pinecrest this year. He enjoys current events, history, music, and pop culture. He is a connoisseur of memes and lover of Western Civilization. You can find him working at the Chick-f...

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Griffin Briggs


Get To Know Griffin! Griffin Briggs is a junior at Pinecrest Academy. He is the eighth son in a dynasty that dates back for generations. He enjoys adventuring into the outdoors and reading up on history of almost all civiliz...

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Catherine Clark


Get To Know Catherine! Catherine is a senior at Pinecrest, and she has attended Pinecrest since eighth grade. She is a first year Excalibur staff member. Aside from being one of the Excalibur’s newest members, Catherine spend...

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Caroline Jeffcoat


Get To Know Caroline! Meet Caroline Jeffcoat. Ms. Jeffcoat is currently a junior at Pinecrest Academy and is ready to take on the journalism industry. Caroline enjoys factual writing and discussing political and pop cultural curre...

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Haley Jones


Get to Know Haley! Haley is a senior at Pinecrest, and the editor of the Excalibur this year. She loves creative writing and hopes to travel the world and write review articles for travel diaries one day! When Haley is not a...

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